jeudi 31 décembre 2015

Merry belated Christmas, and a happy New Year!

Hi! Christmas has come and gone, and I still have a few parties to attend so it doesn't feel over yet!

This year I got busy back n late september to make sure I would finish my Christmas presents in time! I made a number of goodies, so here are a few:

A lovely quilt I made. I am quite bummed it wasn't for myself though ;) I'll be making another one shortly. Not bad for a first quilt, eh?

Me after unwrapping my present from my friend E who sent it from England!

And the tutu I made for this little girl :)

A teddy bear I knitted for my stepmother's son

This one has a bit of a history. Back in september friends at the festival had a jolly good time laughing at the fact I knitted placentas and uteruses (for educational purposes) still, one of them kept joking she would love to have one that had eyes and a bonnet... At first she was kidding, but she talked about it so much I decided to make her one haha!! This is how it came out. 

And me after unwrapping my presents from my friend M., also from England! 

I also made some moisturizer for a couple of people, which was a first and came out really good! 

So now, let's wait and see what next year has in store for us!!

So a very happy New Year to all of you! see you in 2016!

jeudi 17 décembre 2015

Princess Picnic, Dickens Faire and visiting Endor

Hi! Back in october I had a princess picnic with friends for my birthday. We all dressed up and had tea and cakes and enjoyed one of the last few warm days of the year. I wore my mum's regency open-robe and we took a few pictures.
 Then about two weeks ago I went to the Dickens Fair in San Francisco and had a marvelous time. Since I was travelling for a congress in the first place I didn't have a costume so my lovely friend C. found one that I could borrow for the day.
The other thing is that she took me to Muir Woods to see the redwoods. I later realized that's probably where they shot the Endor scenes in Return of the Jedi (or somewhere similar). Anyway, it looked just like Endor, all that was missing were the Ewoks and speeders! Speaking of Star Wars, anyone else excited about the new film coming out? I am planning to go see it in two weeks, and my Princess Leia costume will be revisited (read re-made) for the occasion. More on that later!

Here are a few pictures!

Always bring a pineapple to a party!

Muir Woods

My friend C made me discover this little gem in Berkeley. A costumer's paradise!!!

That's it for now! I will post about the different Christmas presents I made after said presents get opened.