First costumes

In the last post I mentionned my first two attempts at costuming: a classic Princess Leia, and Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ.

Can't really remember how it came about, but at one point when I was 15 or 16 I decided I'd make a Princess Leia costume. I was a big Star Wars fan back then (I've calmed down since), and more importantly, I had no sewing skills whatsoever. I knew there was an old sewing machine in the basement, so I took it out of it's box and asked my grandmother how it worked. I did a bit of research and came up with a pattern from the internet. The fabric I chose was not ideal, it's some kind of heavy satin. I should have chosen something lighter and stretchier like jersey. But anyway. The tunic itself came out okay, but with a few flaws, but the belt is nice. I got some kind of  grey faux-leather, which I covered with the wrong side of the satin. For the metal things, I cut out the pieces in the grey leather, painted them with silver miniature model paint, and once it was dry I used some kind of transparent varnish and glued everything on the belt with fabric glue.

I never got the opportunity to wear this costume, and lost the only picture of me in it but my sister borrowed it from me for a party last Halloween, and I got  to take a few pictures

As for the Dorothy costume, it's the one tha really gave me a taste for sewing and costume making. I'm a big Judy Garland fan, and not very long after the Princess Leia costume, decided I'd try to make a Dorothy costume, just for fun. I used the ''Wizard of Oz'' Simplicity pattern for this one. 

And while I'm at it, here's another one of the costumes I whipped up

This one wasn't really intended as a whole in the beginning. I made all the parts separately for different reasons (camisole, corset, petticoat and full circle skirt) While looking for a costume for a party, I put them all together and had the idea to add a top hat. I think it looks like some kind of victorian cabaret dancer.