Fun game


I made up a really fun game this week, and here is what it's all about. It doesn't really have a name yet, but it's sort of a Fashion history memory/design game.

Here's how it works: you get some paper and pencils, or paint, or whatever you like (I chose watercolor), and ask someone to give you a random date, or an era, and then try to design a garment as period-accurate as possible, without any documentation whatsoever. You can also add sub-categories, like gender and age (man, woman, child, teenager, etc), or type of garment ( ball gown, day dress, travelling clothes, etc).

Once it's done, you can check the Internet to see if you were accurate!

Here's what I came up with:

1920's, party dress:

1865, Ball gown:

1750, ball gown:

1900, evening dress

1930, girl:

1650, boy: 

Except for a few errors, most of them were pretty much period accurate, except for the 1650 boy, who turned out to look more like a 1550 boy... For my defense, I know more about girls and women's clothes than boys!