Future costumes?

Even though I'm having a fabulous time in Indonesia, I can't help but think about my future costumes. I even started doing a bit of research on evenings and did a bit of drawing in a sketch book I brought.

I've been meaning to make a Regency costume for a while now, complete with underwear, corset, bonnet and maybe even a cape. So I decided to make a little sketch of what it might look like.

I really like Jane Bennet's (the blonde one) gown here (Picture from Google images)

So here's the sketch I came up with. The fabric is gathered in the front of the bodice, but mostly in the middle front part, unlike Jane, and instead of gathering the skirt all around, It's gathered only in the back, giving it a nice smooth look in the front and flowy in the back.  

There is also a second costume I would like to make, this one more of a early Vicrorian style, like early 1840's or late 1830's. Maybe I've watched ''Young Victoria'' too many times!

I like the style of the dresses, but the huge puffed sleeves...not so much. I'm not very tall (4ft11), and huge sleeves would make me look even shorter. I even read somewhere that Queen Victoria herself (who was very short too) didn't like them! So anyway, I came about this picture of a lady around that era with the kind of sleeves I was looking for: 


Well, we'll let all that marinate and see what happens when I get home!