Introduction and ''Wicked'' dress

 Welcome to my brand-new blog! I've been meaning to create a blog for a while, and now here it is! I'm currently in Bali, Indonesia, so I won't be able to sew for a while, but I will start by introducing some of my past work. My greatest costuming achievement to date is a recreation on the wicked witch (Elphaba)'s dress in the second act of the popular Broadway musical ''Wicked''.  I finished quite a few months ago, but I wanted to do my first post with it to let you see what I can do.

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them. Sorry for the bad picture quality, I intend to take some better shots with the dress once I get home. If you're making an Elphaba dress yourself, please feel free to write to me and ask me how I did it!

I used many different patterns for the different parts of the dress, but I modified most of them. For most of the bodice and the hat I used the Wizard of Oz pattern from simplicity, I made the pattern for the sleeves myself, Used a McCalls pattern for the corset (the one with the white civil war corset and the hoop petticoat), and a pattern from a 1902 skirt. 

Corset front and back. I made the corset part separate from the rest of the dress.

The leaf desing in the front is all hand beaded. There is also some beading on the left sleeve.
I used a green water-based makeup that I found at Sephora. It was quite expensive, but worked like a charm and didn't stain my dress!