More about Bali

Hi again! Last time I talked about Balinese traditional dress, but there's more to it than that. There is a more elaborate form of dress that is found in artistic representations, like dance or theater. I must say the costume the balinese dancers wear are amazing. For the dancers, the textile more commonly used is called ''Prada cloth''. It is a fine cotton fabric in bright colors, on which floral motifs are printed in gold dust or applied with gold foil.

No more explanations, here are some pictures!

Young Balinese dancers. I'm not sure of how the costume is put on. It looks as if it has been wrapped around their bodies many times and held together with pins, but it might just as well be sewn together. Still, it's gorgeous!

Here are a few theatrical costumes

The thing ''leaning down'' is supposed to be some sort of dragon. I didn't get a picture of it standing up, but there are two perons in it. One for the front and noe for the back, and it's quite big. 

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