Titanic Swim dress

While I'm away, I thought I might introduce another one of my precious costumes. It's the frst ''complicated''one I made. The first two costumes I made were a classic Princess Leia and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, but more on them later.

 I really didn't know much about costuming when I decided to make that dress, so the process of research and making it took quite a long time. Now, knowing a little more, there are a couple things I want to touch up, but generally I'm quite proud of it.

There's supposed to be some sort of sleeves, but I liked it this way and chose not to add them. 

I made the hems a little too wide, I'll have to touch them up when I get home

Close-up on the bodice. You can't see very well, but I did some beading in the lace. I used silk in two different colors for the sash. 

The real thing it in oct 2009 at Planet Hollywood in NYC!

Simply gorgeous! I admit I still prefer the original one to my own, It's so nice and delicate. I'd call it inspired by it and not a reproduction. 


  1. This dress is one of my (many) projects for the year. I want to have it done by April 12 to commemorate the Titanic's centennial. But I'm going to be lazy - I'll follow the Simplicity pattern over screen accuracy.

  2. Well, that's all right, I actually did use the simplicity pattern. I just altered the back of the bodice to get the nice V in the back, and I modified the skirt to get the accurate 5 layer look. Looking forward to see what you'll come up with!!

  3. The dress you made is one of the best remake I've seen. The gathers in the back are almost identical :-)

  4. I'll post a pic of the one my seamstress makes for me :-)

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