Upcycled Flower Princess

In my last post I wrote about upcycling and introduced some of my confections in that area. But there was one garment that was left unmentionned. It's a Flower Princess (well, that's what I think it looks like) child costume. It's a size 6-8 years, and it was made from two different unused curtains.

So here are the pictures!

So is that girly enough for you?

It took two different curtaind to make it. the outside, or pink part is an organza Disney curtain that I bought many years ago and never took out of the package. I don't really know where the light white curtain I used for the petticoat comes from. I also used white poplin leftovers for the lining.

The sash is some kind of satin that was a leftover from a dress I made for a friend.

Beaded collar

Petticoat, or underskirt, made the same way as a pettiskirt. Nice and bouncy!

With some cutouts and the curtain attaches, I made a little crown to go with it. I simply braided a couple of the fabric pieces together, added some more in the back, and put some of the dams beads as the collars all around (first, put them on a single threas, as to make a necklace, then twist it around the crown, and fix it at some places with one or two invisible stitches. 

This was my inspiration for that costume. It's Shirley Temple as she appeared in the motion picture ''Stand Up And Cheer''. My version has a slightly lower waist, the sleeves are bigger and the skirt is not as short and is gathered instead of full circle, but you can see the general idea. 

Here's a clip from that movie, just for fun!