Awesome movie costumes

Has anyone heard about the huge auction coming up of Debbie Reynolds's costume collection? It's a shame she wasn't able to open a museum with them...

Well, with all this movie costume excitement going on, here are a few of my favorite movie costumes (not necessarily from that collection, just generally)

Barbra Streisand's iconic ''Hello Dolly!'' gown. Isn't it fabulous? I read somewhere that there is real gold in the thread and that this dress was one of the most expensive movie costumes ever made. This one's part of the auction. 

One of Emily Blunt's dresss from ''Young Victoria''. If you look closer, you can see blue circles embroidered on it. Simple and beautiful. 

Another dress from ''Young Victoria''

Natalie Portman's picnic dress from ''Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the clones''

''The Other Boelyn Girl''. All that green! All of the dresses in that movie are great.

Nicole Kidman's Elephant love medley dress from ''Moulin Rouge!'' Here's a screencap. Sorry for the bad quality, I wasn't able to find a better picture...

Dinner dress from ''Titanic''... Gorgeous!

And the ''swim'' dress, of course

Coronation dress from ''Elizabeth''

''Think Of Me'' dress from ''Phantom Of The Opera''. Love all the embroidery on the skirt part.

Wedding dress from ''Pirates Of The Caribbean'' 

The curtain costumes from ''The Sound Of Music''. These two (Marta's and Gretl's) are also up for auction, but I love all of them. I remember watching this movie as a child and wanting a dress with the same fabric!

Cyd Charisse's dance costume from ''Singing In The Rain''. So simple and feminine! This one is also part of the auction. 

Of course, these are just a tiny sample of all the movie dresses I love. I also excuded Judy Garland's costumes, I'm saving them for a special post about her soon.