Baby Gumm

All right, I said I would do a few posts about Judy Garland and her various costumes, and since I'm so much into children's costumes, I decided to make a post about the costumes and clothes she wore as a child.  She started performing on stage at age 2 and appeared in a lot of vaudeville shows during the twenties and early thirties. By the end of the twenties she also appeared in a few short films. I've included a few videos of these performances

Love the little coat and hat!

I think that was taken during a family holiday. Her little jumper looks so comfy!

In costume for a picture short called , ''The Big Revue'' (1929), In this little film she performed a song called ''In The Good Old Sunny South''  with her two sisters. Here's a video!

The Gumm sisters in their terrible costume for another movie short named ''Bubbles'' (1930). Judy's even got a little solo in this one!

One of her very first stage costumes. This one was made by her mother. So sweet! This picture was taken when she was abour four years old. 

This costume looks a little weird, but I kinda like the headpiece. So 1920's!

This is my own adaptation of the ''Baby Gumm'' style on a 18 inch doll. 

Cute dress!

Love the shoes!

The Gumm sisters

This was in their first color film. They sang ''La Cucaracha''. Not very long after that Judy sang a seven year contract with the M-G-M studios and her two sisters (Mary Jane and Virginia) quit showbuisness.