Baby knits

I've started a new baby knit (I know, it's strange that I keep knitting baby stuff even though I'm not even close to having one, but I can't help it, it's so cute and soft!) that I will post as soon as I'm done, but I thought I might share a few of the ones I did in the recent past. I'm a self taught knitter, and I love to knit while watching a nice movie. Most of the time, I'll pick a pattern that I like to get a general idea for the size and number of stitches, and then modify it to get something totally different and unique! Anyway, here they are!

The pictures were taken last winter, so that would explain all the snow!

There's more, but I'm saving them for another post!! 

Here's a great site to find lots of nice knitting patterns: Knitting Pattern Central It's a free knitting pattern link directory. There are more knitting links on my sidebar. 

Also, most of these knitted hats will be for sale on my Etsy shop once I get back home, whenever it might be!