Crazy About Cotton

So I've been knitting a lot this week, and here are three of my latest knits, and they all happen to be made with cotton.

First, a take two on the flower beanie. this one is in a 2 yr and up size, and I made the leaves longer.

0-3 months cotton beanie. it's a floppy beanie for a newborn, but it's very stretchy, and it can eventually evolve into a perfect fit 3-4 months beanie. 

This one was made from the remains of the sailor hat knit. I had barely enough to complete a beanie, so it turned out a little too short. Maybe it will fit someone's head anyway, who knows! At least I got to practice with the eyelet pattern.

I still have a little more cotton remains, maybe enough for a newborn beanie, we'll see what I can do with it!