lundi 27 juin 2011

Doll clothing pt.1

Hello! While I'm still travelling, here some more of my past work. This time, doll clothes. Making doll clothes is actually one of the way I learned how to sew, because messing up with such a small outfit is not as frustrating as with a big one with lots of fabric! It's also a fun way to use those little bits of scrap fabric!

I have three dolls of different sizes as models. une 12 inch baby doll, one 18 inch plastic girl doll and one 21 inch porcelain doll.

I've got quite a bit, so here is the first half, not in any particular order. I'll do another post soon for the rest of them.

This one is kind of a mix between a fantasy 18th century top and a bustle skirt. I had just a little fabric left and this wa entirely experimental. The result isn't so bad!

little flannel dress and hat

This one with the tulle skirt was a special order for a lucky birthday girl!

Upcycled nightgown made from a camisole

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