Judy Garland

On June 10, 1922, in Grand Rapids, Minnessota, 89 years ago, was born Frances Ethel Gumm, who went on to become Judy Garland, one of the most acclaimed performers of the twentieth century.

Judy (or Frances) is the little one in this photo. The other girl is one of her two older sisters

She started her singing career at age two, singing ''Jingle Bells'' at her parent's theater, and by the time she was twelve, she signed a seven year contract with the M-G-M. She went on to appear in great films as ''The Wizard Of Oz'' (1939) , ''Babes In Arms'' (1939), ''Presenting Lily Mars''(1943), ''Meet-Me In St-Louis'' (1944), ''Easter Parade'' (1948), and much more.

Reading on the set of ''The Wizard Of Oz) (love the half-dressed munchkins in the back!)

With Mickey Rooney, with whom she made 10 films. They were actually the first ''teen idol'' team

I just love that picture

In the fifties she started doing concerts everywhere, which were great successes, and she made a big comback in the movie ''A Star Is Born'' (1954). 

She married five times, and had three children: Liza Minnelli, Lorna Luft and Joseph Luft.

little  Liza

baby Lorna

baby Joe

With her children in the sixties

In the sixties she continued giving concerts, was in a few more movies and even got her own TV series, ''The Judy Garland Show'' for one year. 

Here is the legendary duet Judy sang with the great Barbra Streisand on her TV show in 1963. 

Sadly, she passed away two weeks after she turned 47, of a barbiturates overdose on june 22 1969. Everyone who knew her remember her as a funny, witty person, great friend, loving mother and wonderful performer. I'm not a biographer, and I could go on for hours about her, so If you want to know more about her life you can check out these sites: www.jgdb.comwww.thejudyroom.com

I have a lot to say about her various costumes, some were fabulous and some were terrible, so in between now and june 22, I'll do a few posts about the various costumes she wore in her movies and various public appearances. 

Happy birthday Judy!