Judy's nice costumes

Here is the newest post in the ''Judy Garland series''. Last time was about her worst costumes, this time it's about the best!

Photo shoot with M-G-M. So pretty.

I wish I had a better picture of this one. It's from a film called ''Girl Crazy'' and she weard this costume in the ''Embraceable you'' number. It's just stunning. 

I don,t know why, I really like this one. It's an old-fashionned bathing suit for the ''By The Sea'' number in ''For Me And My Gal''. 

Of course, the Dorothy dress! Here is my own attempt to make this dress

This one is not THE Dorothy dress, but it was used for the first two weeks of shooting before they changed it to the one we all know. It was part of the Debbie Reynolds collection ans sold at the Auction for 910 000 $, more than ten times the estimate!

From ''The Harvey Girls''. Couldn't find a nice color picture. The dress is a slivery-white color. 

I really like this one. It's from 'The Harvey Girls'' as well. Too bad I couldn't find a better picture. 

This dress is cute, but I especially love the shoes.

Gorgeous ''Lily Mars'' finale dress. 

The very same dress as it is today (part of Michael Siewert's collection)

Here it is in action!

''Easter Parade'' finale dress (with the wonderful Fred Astaire)

That's not really a costume, but I really like the outfit!

One of her two nice costumes from ''The Pirate''. Most of the others were awful, like the wedding dress

This dress is one of my favorites. It's the Christmas ball dress from ''Meet-Me In St-Louis''. 

Of course, the famous Ruby Slippers. I just had to mention them. Legendary!

Of course, she had a lot more great costumes throughout her career. Maybe I'll do another post about the rest of them someday :)

Thanks to www.thejudyroom.com www.jgdb.com and Google for the pictures