More Past Work

Here is some more of my past work. This time: baby clothing (yeah, I know, never would have guessed). All these pieces were made somewhere between autumn 2010 and spring 2011.  

African print toddler wrapover dress


Eyelet wrapover baby dress, size 12 mths


Other eyelet wrapover baby dress, size 8 mths

Sleepytime wrapper, 0-3 mths size (cotton flannel and cotton sheet)

Sleepytime wrapper, size 12 mths (eyelet and cotton flannel)

Old fashionned ''Easter'' dress and bonnet (eyelet, chiffon and poplin) size 6 mths

Old fashionned white dress and bonnet (muslin, silk and poplin), size 6 mths


Flannel dress. (flannel and cotton sheet)

Summer pillowcase outfit (pillowcase top, mop hat and little bloomers), size 6 mths

Summer dress, size 6-8 mths

Summer dress back

Barracoat (old fashionned piece of baby clothing) with polka dots. (cotton flannel and cotton sheets) size 3 mths. 

Most of these were made to experiment with the fabrics and pattern-making. I do like the results, especially the polka dot sleepytime wrapper and the pink summer dress!

If you want to see the other pieces of children's clothing I made, you can click on the ''Children'' label. I also have a few baby and children summer hats. I'll do a post about them soon!