Newborn Beanie

This is a beanie I just made. I had just a little bit of this yarn (which I love, It's called ''Manos Maxima'', and it'a fair trade merino wool, hand dyed in Uruguay), just enough for a newborn hat. The yarn is very soft and fun to work with, and the colors are beautful. It's also expensive, but there was enough yarn to make two baby bonnets and this beanie and there is still a tiny bit left, maybe enough for a tiny baby doll beanie. We'll see.

Okay, I admit it, this one is not at all one of my patterns. It's called the Ava Lynne Baby Hat (the link will take you to the tutorial on I usually make my own patterns but I didn't feel like it this time and I had so little yarn left, I had to find something small and fun.  Anyway, I love the result! Of course, since this hat is not my own creation, I won't sell it. I'll just keep it for myself and hope to have a baby girl someday to wear it (or if I have boys, I'll probably make them wear it anyway mouahahahaha!)