What costumes not to wear

Here is the next post in my ''Judy Garland''series. I said I'd do a bit about her best and her worst costumes, and I thought I'd save the best for the end. So here are the worst costumes, in my opinion, that she had to wear throughout her career. In her defense, she was not the one who took the decisions about most of her costumes.

two indian costumes for ''Annie Get Your Gun'' no wonder she didn't show up for work on that film (she was eventually fired from the production)

This orange dress really horrible. Everything about it is just wrong. I read somewhere that there was another one intended for this scene (in ''A Star Is Born'') and she didn't like it and wanted a new one...I wonder what the previous one looked like if this was the improvement. 

This one is not that terrible, but she looks like she's wrapped in whipped cream. (from "Broadway Melody of 1939")

Dance costume from "Easter Parade".  I just don't like it... below is a color picture of the actual dress from costume collector Michael Siewert's collection. That's a lot of brown!

That's just about one of the worst wedding dresses I have ever seen! And that Headpiece! ( in "The Pirate" (1947)). In fact, most of the costumes (especially hers) in that movie are terrible...

How to dress a young woman like a grandma...

Her ''Minnie from Trinidad" costume from the movie "Ziegfeld girl" (1941). Everything about it is terrible...especially that big phallic thing sticking out on top of her head.

Poppy dress from her TV show

Tennis costume from "Meet Me in St-Louis" (1944) That costume would be nice if there wasn't that huge bowtie, The weird nightcap-like hat and, of course, the horizontal stripes on the socks!

That's it for now!