Prom and gala dresses

In the same line as the few last posts, here are some more of my past confections. I have had a few prom dress contracts, and here are some photos!

If you appear in one of these photos and do not want to, just tell me and I'll remove them.

chiffon and crepe Gala dress

cotton and chiffon gala dress

eyelet, chiffon and cotton gala dress

This one is a prom dress in a sort of ''ancient greek'' style made of satin

my sister's prom dress. It's made of chiffon woth cotton lining. You can't see because of the hait but it's sleeveless.

There is also a braided belt. It's simply three long fabric strips all braided together. 

simple satin prom dress

The pictures are not that good, but I don't have any really good photo of these dresses. Most of these were made in 2010. There are two or three more of these dresses, but I don't have any photos. 

I would have made one for my own prom in 2008, but I didn't even attend so it would have been useless...