New costume project!

I've finally started working on a new costume project!! At first I wanted to make a Regency dress, but I decided to go for an early Victorian evening gown. I'll have to make it all, undergarments and everything. I'll also have to try making it with fabric I already have, and buy as little as possible.

In this post I had a nice costume concept. Here are the pictures again:

I'll stick with the same design for the top part, but make the skirt floor lenght, kind of like this dress:

I found this 1820's-1840's corset pattern on It's really well-made, except it's not at all my size. First I had to enlarge it, and then size it to fit my own measurments. I also modified the pattern so it would be strapless, much better for an off-shoulders gown. 

Here is the final pattern

And the weird looking mock-up. Believe me, the finished piece will look much better than this!

I intend to do it mostly the period way (by hand), and I will do some cording and embroidery, kind of like this, or like the corset Emily Blunt wears in ''Young Victoria''.