A little update


Well, the ''Days of Culture'' didn't turn out that well, thanks to the freezing weather we had saturday and the rain on sunday. I got there around 9am and by 12 noon I had enough. The wind was so strong my little hats and bibs kept flying around, and the tent we were under collapsed a few times.  On top of that, my mother was sick and freezing. Anyway, my ''Doula'' course was happening and I really didn't like the idea of missing it. So I packed up everyhing and went to class instead.  I didn't go sunday either, because it rained and I didn't want all my stuff to get wet. I'm glad I tried it anyway.

The good news are that my baby-clothes making rush is over, and I can concentrate more on my historical costuming and building up my portfolio. I'm looing for a nice costume making course. Maybe some day I could make costume for films, who knows! So back to my 1840's outfit at last!

It's been so long since I last worked on it,  the drawing on the piece I was working on has faded! Good news is since have started working on it again, it's progressed at a good pace! The embroidery in the left side is done, and the right side is almost done, too. I'll post some photos soon. On top of that, my uncle is currently in Vietnam, and with a little bit of luck he'll be able to bring me back some silk for my dress. Here's the color I'm hoping for:

Source: google images/purple iris

A dancing witch!