Stays sides are done and I got my silk

First of all, I just got back from four fabulous days in New York City. The highlight of my trip (besides seeing my sister who is studying art there) was winning the ticket lottery for ''Wicked''... for the second time! The first time was two years ago, and last year I bought some ''real'' tickets, but I didn't have the budget for expensive tickets this year, so I decided to try out for the lottery...and won!! YAYY for me! That was seriously awesome, I got to see the (fabulously gorgeous) costumes up close  for two hours and forty-five minutes.

With my sister in NYC

Going nuts over my new tickets... I admit it, I am a little bit crazy

As for my 1840's stays, I finished the embroidery on both sides shortly before I left for NYC. Here are a few pictures (sorry for the bad  picture quality).

The finished pieces of my stays so far

Right side

Initials close-up

Left side

Initials close-up. I decided to make a mirror image of the initials for the right side, since the flowers were this way. 

My super-nice uncle also brought me some silk from Vietnam, like I asked him. The silk is beautiful, but it's not exactly the color I hoped for. Still, I'll juste change my design a little to incorporate some of the brighter colored silks I already had, and this one will also make a gorgeous cape. I had the intention of making one anyway, with a hood and everything.