18th century show costume

Not very long ago I found some pictures of me in an 18th century dress I wore for an amateur musical a few years ago. The story was set somewhere in Europe during the 18th century and there was a part where we were all dukes and duchesses and such. So I got to wear a very nice dress with the paniers and everything. It's always a little bit weird to find old pictures like this! I was about 15 years old then, and let's just say I had some extra weight on! Anyway, I remember really liking this costume and how I felt wearing it (and wanting more costumes) and having a great time doing the show.

The person who made this (or actually most the costumes for that show, seen here ) costume was Gwenyver from Confessions of a Costumeholic. She makes a lot of really nice costumes, so check out her blog! Her costume making for this show might have inspired me a little, even if I only started sewing about a year later! She actually made a post about me (or actually my Wicked Witch costume) shortly before Halloween, here

I was also a Gypsy in the second part of the show, here is a picture:

I'm in green in the middle. Good times. I miss doing musicals and plays. 

As for my current projects, the progress is slow but steady, I'll be posting some updates soon!


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