Challenge completed!

In my last post I mentionned I was challenging myself to make a new Regency dress from A to Z in a very short period of time. I started around noon thursday, and had until friday night, midnight to complete it!. Well, I can proudly say that I made it! Well, I must admit that I finished the hemming of the skirt around 00:25, but I spent over half an hour trying it on, admiring it and looking at myself in the mirror earlier, so it's like I finished it on time. Of course, the dress didn't include the undergarments, so I still need proper stays and a petticoat to go with it.

Here are some pictures. I'll eventually take some good ones, with appropriate lighting and a nice background, and please ignore the mess all around me.

Bodice mock-up

bodice coming together

Enlarged pattern. I used a pattern from the book Period Costume for stage and Screen, 1800-1909, by Jean Hunnissett. I went for the 1800 drawstring bodice and the skirt and sleeves that seemed to go best with it.

As mentionned earlier, I still need some proper stays and a petticoat, or at least some sort of underskirt. 

Yayy I did it! My very first Regency dress!!


  1. That is a really lovely dress! We should get together for a Regency Tea sometime.

  2. Thanks!! And good idea for the tea, that would be awesome! Maybe in a few weeks when my work schedule will permit it?


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