Victorian Photography

As you may already have noticed, I have a thing for the Victorian era. As I was wasting my time on the internet, I came across some photographs of the royal family back then. I later learned that photography was actually one of Queen Victoria's passions (the other being Albert). Anyway, the thing with photography it that they were real.  What I mean is that nowadays we're so used to see films and reenactments, we don't realise that it really used to be like that. It's all so far away from our reality, that seeing actual photographs of that time, with the ladies all dressed in theit big dresses and bonnets is kinda fascinating!

Anyway, here are some of my favorite shots, enjoy!


The whole royal family 

That must be Princess Alice and one of her kids. Love her dress!

I wonder what color her dress really was!

Princess Helena. I like this picture, even if she looks really sad.

I believe these are Albert and Victoria

This one's my favorite. It's Queen Victoria and one of her descendents, I don't know who, but the picture's beautiful. 

Princess Vicky

Vicky and her kids (or some of them)

Most of these pictures are from this site. Some are from wikipedia. 

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