1911 sew along- Mock-up!

Hi there! So I'm done with the pattern, and the mock isn't too bad. I had the not so good idea to use plastic boning on the lacing strips for the mock-up, because steel boning is in limited quantity here and I didn't want to cut out a random lenght and then have to cut it again, and end up waisting a few inches of it. Well anyway, the plastic ones ended up bending in a lot of different ways, making it hard to figure out if the problem was the cut or just the boning.

lacing strips

Pattern, with the seam allowances

Back of the mock-up. As you can see the top is weird and bending, and I think it is both because I still have to take it in a little and because of the cheap plastic boning. it should look much better with the steel boning. I also might have made the waist a little bit too small compared to the rest, so I'll probably add half an inch to the pattern at the waist. 

Front of mock-up. I think it looks fine from the front. It's just the back that's weird looking. I'm sure I will be able to work it out. 

Oh and I also found this nice fabris in this small fabric shop close to my house. It would look good as a corset, or as a period garment. I still don't know what I will use it for. If I don't find anything else I'll use it for my 1911 corset, but I can't help seeing some 18th century stays in it. And the fabric is so pretty maybe I should save it for something that will not be hidden under a dress...


  1. I know, right? Got it from this teeny-weeny fabric store on the side of route 117, next to Belle Neige ski center.


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