my 1840's stays are starting to look like something!

While I'm working on the 1911 sew along, I'm also trying not to forget about my crazy 1840's stays. I don,t even know how many hours I have put into those. Just a reminder for those who don,t know what I'm talking about: I'm currently making some late 1830's-early 1840's stays, kinda like the ones in the movie ''Young Victoria''. the crazy thing is that I've decided to make them the period way, all by hand, and with all the embroidery and the cording too. I now respect and admire even more the seamstresses and dressmakers of olden days.

Embroidery and cording on the back pieces

All the pieces together

Assembled!! I admit it I cheated a little bit for this part. I made a seam with my machine to assemble the pieces first, and then I made the ridges by hand. I just wanted to make sure the seam allowances were all even. 

the ridges. 

Next I added some cording to the ridges. I'm not entirely done with that part yet. Sorry the last pictures are sort of pink-ish. The corset is white, the problem was with the lighting and the white balance on my camera. 

Close-up on some of the embroidery