Progress on my corsets

Since I finished my mock-up for the 1911 sew along a little while ago,  I had some time to work on my 1840 stays before the sew-along would continue. I also paid a little visit to a fabric store in Montreal and finally found the fabric I will use for my 1911 corset. The other one I bought previously will be used for something else.

Busk pocket sewn... I'm starting to realize that I will eventually need a wooden busk

Side back

Part of the lining installed. You can also see I put some twill tape at the waist. 

Close-up on the seam and the tape

And now my fabric for the 1911 corset. It's cream cotton coutil with 1/4 inch navy blue stripes. Navy Blue is quite appropriate for the commemoration of a ship, don't you think? The bias tape and satin ribbon laces will also be navy blue, and I dug out this pretty lace from my stash to decorate it.