Things I made lately

I made some knits and some things during the last month or so. They are mainly gifts, for Christmas and some other events. I didn't have time to blog about them during the holidays, and the others were just finished lately. Well anyway, here they are...

This little summer hat was made for my cousin's baby girl. They are going to travel to Singapore, Malaysia and Bali with her, and wanted to give them a little present before they left. I decided to meke a summer hat for the baby, to rotect her for the sun. Actually, I knew her head was gonna get bigger in the three months they will be gone, so I gave them three hats in different sizes. 

And a picture on the baby herself! It's still a little too big for her, but she'll grow into it. 

This one is a little wool bonnet for a newborn baby. 

I knitted these socks for my father's christmas gift, and the beret below was my mother's Christmas gift.