1912 dress coming together

I've been working a little bit more on my new 1912 costume these past two days and managed to finish the dress itself. The outfit will be complete when I finish the belt, and probably will add a headband too with a feather like on the inspiration picture (found here)

I apologise for the bad picture quality...

Back. I'm wearing my 1911 corset underneath but it doesn't really show. It will make a difference once the belt is on. Also, the overskirt is a bit wrinkly. It will look better once I've properly ironed it. 


tryout with the unfinished belt... just to get the general idea. I'm not wearing my corset in those two last pictures. 

I might have to shorten the dress again, but I'm waiting for my American Duchess ''Astoria'' shoes to get here first. 

What do you think? I also intend to make a headband in black and gold, kind of like the belt, with a big white ostrich feather. 


  1. Lovely! I am not finished either (ok, I'm not even started), so maybe we can plan ourselves a little photo shoot once we're both done?

  2. What a great idea, that would be awesome!! Just tell me when you're done!


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