1912 costume: getting even closer!

I've worked a little more on my 1912 costume these past few days. I managed to finish my simple chemise and to work some more on my belt. Here are some photos!

 The shoulder straps are really narrow because of the dress. I wanted to make sure nothing could show once I put the dress on. I made it with some upcucled white cotton sheets. 

The whole thing. When I have it on it goed down a little bit above the knees, and just below the mid-thighs. The wrinkling is because I tried it on with the corset and the dress prior to taking that picture. I would've taken some pics while I had everything on, but I thought of that right after I took everything off and didn't want to put it on all over again. It looks weird laying on the ground, but it does look really good on me and works great with the corset and dress. I'll take some pictures eventually.

Progress on the belt! There is about 6 hours of work into that last bit of progress you can see (see previous post to see where I was at last time)

And now back to work!! Love it when I'm in the mood like that! I also worked a bit on my 1840's corded peticoat. I'll post some pictures as soon as the progress is worth posting about.