Meet my garden!

Hello! I've been doing a lot of things lately, and one of them is that I am starting my very own organic vegetable garden. I've never done it before so it's not that big, but I love the idea of growing my own food. Maybe some day I'll be able to grow all my fruits and veggies at home...

Anyway, here are a few pictures. They were takes over a week ago so you can't really see anything but loads of little seedlings are starting to come out as I write this post. Can't wait to see what I'll get at the end of the summer!!

Okay, these aren't veggies... they're sunflowers! We bought one alreadu half-grown and the rest were planted as seeds. They're all about two inches high by now. 

My italian tomatoes and basil garden. 

I decided to try growing veggies in the ground and others in pots to see the difference. These contain (or will contain when my plants are grown), an english cucumber plant, hot peppers, cherry tomatoes, two lebanese cucumber plants, orange pepper plants and the last one is a jalapeno pepper plant. 

The ''big garden'' I planted cherry tomatoes, english cucumbers, carrots, little onions, spinach and spaghetti squash in there. A lot of the seedlings atre starting to come out by now. So exctiting!!

That's coriander. I really don't lie coriander but my mother insitted upon getting some (it's actually all at her house after all)

And don't forget the pretty daisies! I didn't plant these though, they grow wild all around the house.

And now we wait!! I'm having so much fun doing this, except for all the mosquitoes that keep attacking me any time I venture outside. 

We'll see at the end of the summer what comes out of all this!!