It's been a while!

Hi there!! It's been a while, sorry for the long abscence. Since I work in as a waitress in a big fancy hotel (for now), I've been quite busy lately, blame it on the nice summer weather. I have been sewing and knitting a bit in my spare time though! I've also decided to go for a little (big) trip to Europe soon, mainly Switzerland and maybe I'll pop over to Italy, Austria and wery probably England, so hopefully I'll get to see a few nice things over there and post about everything. One of the things I really want to see is the new permanent exhibition on Queen Victoria at Kensington Palace... I'm told there are quite a few costumes on display!!

I had lots of nice pictures of my 1840s stays to show you, but my computer crashed and I lost everything I had on it. Thank god for my blog, at least I have a few remaining pictures of my various costumes and works.  I'll take some new ones of the stays this week. In the meantime, I've been working on my 18th century stays, and some knitting as well.

It will be laced in the front and the back. The first picture is with the back together and the one below it with the front together. The bias binding will be beige. 

I'm also almost done with something else, but It's a present for my cousin's baby's first birthday and I want it to be s surprise. I'll post a picture as soon as she gets it! A clue: it's not clothing and it's really cute!!