Miss Dashwood

Hi!! I know, third post in three days, I'm on fire!! The thing is, I have the bad habit of starting a zillion projects at the same time, and then leaving them unfinished until I take the time to do so. These last few days, it seems like all my projects (or at least a few) are getting finished at the same time! This dress, was made last december (I think) and didn't have an underskirt. I had cut said underskirt a few months ago because I wanted to wear it at a costumer's picnic, but I wasn't able to attend, and the dress and it's unsewn underskirt have been laying beside my sewing machine since then. This morning I finally took the time to put it together, and bonus, the wonderful autumn light called for a photoshoot!! Oh and by the way, I'd like to thank my mom who has been my official photographer these last few days!!

Anyway, here is my Regency dress, or my ''Miss Dashwood'' dress as I like to call it, because my favorite Austen character is Marianne Dashwood (the romantic one, just like me, hah!).

I know my bust is very modern looking, I haven't made proper short stays to go with the dress yet...

Oh and if you notice, about halfway through the pictures, my pink ribbon is replaced by a red one. Which one do you prefer? I think I like the red one better...

The hairdo was achieved with the help of this tutorial here

How do you do?

And of course I had to do a tragic heroine pose!

Oh and I also finished my corded petticoat for my Young Victoria outfit:

I made it with old bedsheets and used cotton yarn for the cording, and a satin ribbon to tie it. It's not the best looking thing ever, but it'll do the job...

See you next time!!