Geneva and Aigle

Hi there! I'm still in Switzerland and will be for a little while. Lately I visited Geneva, did some hikin in the Alps, and went to a little town called Aigle. Here are my best shots:

The only shot I took in Geneva. 

Ripe grapes on the vine and yellowing leaves...


The sign says: If you find the landscape so pretty, then dring the wine from this valley. (Don't worry, I will!)


A spot I found and love. I like to take some naps there, and when I wake up I have the most gorgeous view in front of me!

Same shot, without the feet. The clouds and light are blocking the rest of the view which is a gorgeous mountain with snow on top. 

In the castle in Aigle

Costumes! These aren't historical, they were made in 1999 for some winemakers celebration. 

I love the little girl grape costume! and check out the headpiece!

look at the grape design in the lace...

some old engravings about wine and vineyards

Swiss costumes

View from the castle

Took a break from visiting for some afternoon tea and sherbet!!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures! I'm visiting Lausanne tomorrow, so more to come soon!