Halloween in Switzerland!

Hi! Well, it turns out Halloween is not nearly as popular in europe compared to norh america. I decided to make a costume anyway and celebrate by myself, by putting on my newly-made costume and eating swiss chocolate and Haribo candy while watching Once Upon A time. Not nearly as fun as a nice party with some friends, but i guess you have to make-do with what you have!!

And now for the costume. First of all, where I'm staying there is a beautiful fully equipped sewing room, unused beacause the owner is now to old to sew. When I got here, they told me I could use it if I wanted, and even gave me some spare fabric in case I felt inspired! So after watching all those glorious costumes in Once Upon A Time, I couldn't help being in a fairy-tale costume kinda mood. I wanted to make a unique costume, that would be fairytale-ish, but where some parts were removeable to be able to use it as a simpler dress. I designed, cut it and made it in about four days. At first I also wanted to make a cape, but finally abandonned the idea.  Here is what I came up with (please ignore the fact that the pictures are badly framed):

So here is my fairytale dress. I wasn't thinking of any fairytale character in particular, I just went with the fabrics I had and the fact I had no pattern to make this costume. I think it would also look great if instead of the white belt thigny I used my white 1840's corset. That remains to be seen when I get home!

bodice close-up

If I remove the bustle part I'm left with a nice red dress. I could also use some more modern belt and voilà! I'll roably wear it for Christmas (which I'll be spending in Vienna this year! Be reassured, I will take some pictures of Sissi's dresses and post them here!!). 

Oh and I've also been knitting a bit. I made this little sweater in a 6-12 month size, and below a sleeveless pull-over in a 0-3 month size. Both are made of fair trade hand-dyed merino. 


  1. Wait, how did I miss that post? Oh yeah, new baby. Lovely dress love! You are lucky to have had access to a sewing machine where you were.

    1. Thanks! Yes, it was awesome, I had a whole sewing room just for me!


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