Once Upon A Time

Hi there! I'll be posting some new pictures of my adventures in Switzerland, but first I just had to make a post about an awesome TV show I just discovered. The show is alteady well into it's second year, but I started to watch it this week ( and got through all the episodes in about four days).

Once Upon A Time is about a small american town where all the people living there are actually fairytale characters who, because of some evil curse, have ended up in our world and forgot their true identities. At the same time we see flashbacks into their past in the fairytale world and learn who is who. And through it all à woman enters and she is supposed to break said curse.

Finally, the mots important part is that not only the story is great, the fairytale costumes are gorgeous. And on top of that, my all time favorite fairytale princess, Snow White, happens to be one of the main characters, AND is kind of a badass in this version, which is awesome! Here are a few pictures, enjoy!

The Evil Queen and Hansel and Gretel


Prince charming and some King's daugnter
Not so little Red Riding hood


Belle and Rumpletiltsin
Snow White in her huntress outfit and the evil Queen

A pregnant Snow White

These are just a few of the dozens of gorgeous costumes in this series. Serously, I think I'm gonna buy the bluray version of the series just to see the costumes in more detail!!


  1. I love that show too. Red's outfit is one of my favourites, along with the Queen's Wedding dress.

  2. Great! Red is one of my favorites too. And Charming, because it's every girl's dream to watch a handsome prince swordfight while holding a baby!! Haha! I haven't decided which one of the costumes is my favorite... But it's probably one of Snow's


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