New pictures of my visit of Estavayer and Gruyères

Hi! Since my last blog entry I have visited some new places, but that's for a future post. I said in my last post that the nice man who took me there had his camera with him and took some pictures of me. Since I am travelling alone most of the time, I don't have a lot of pictures of me in Switzerland. So I'm really happy to have a few now!! You can judge for yourself, but I think they are really good. Thanks a lot Michel!

The gorgeous plaza in Gruyères. Again.

This last one is kind of funny. You see, in french, ''Le bonnet rouge'' means the red hat, or the red bonnet. We thought it was funny since I was waring my knitted red hat.!

I'll be posting my pictures of Bern and Fribourg soon. Hope you enjoy these little sneak peeks of my trip!