A few pictures of what I've been up to lately

Hi, so here's what I've been up to lately. Unfortunately I haven't been able to resume my historical costume sewing, but I will soon. Or at least I hope to. 

This is a little sailor collar sweater I made from a 1916 pattern. You can find it here: Child's Middy Jumper. It really is super easy to knit, just time consuming. 

 I also knitted a placenta. Yep, you read right, PLACENTA. As in after-birth. Personnaly, I think it is a most fascinating organ. I knitted it for educationnal purposes, tu use in my childbirth classes. It's even got a little amniotic membrane, and snaps to fasten the cord on my teaching baby. I figured out the pattern myself after looking at a few others.

Finally but most importantly. Isn't this the most beautiful cat you,ve ever seen? Her name was Caline, she was the most lovely cat ever. She has been missing for a few days, and I happened to find her this morning while looking for her in the woods. There wasn't much left of her, some wild animal had killed and eaten her. It wasn't a pretty sight. So you can imagine I'm devastated. After three days of looking through the window and calling her every 5 minutes, and treks in the woods to find her. I buried the remains in the snow. She was really young, and I was sure she would be my companion for many years to come. May she rest in peace. 

Have a nice day, cause I know I won't