A Quick Little Update

Hello, sorry I've been neglecting my blog lately. Truth is, I've been really busy and almost haven't touched my sewing machines in a while. After I cam back from Florida, I hade a few weeks to work (I'm working on like 4 different things as a doula, so it takes up all my time) and I went to a midwife assistant workshop at The Farm in Tennessee. I also had the chance to meet the wonderful Ibu Robin Lim (The amazing midwife from Bali who was named CNN Hero of The Year 2011) when I got back to Montreal. She's just amazing.  Since I came back on march 11 I've also continued working on all my doula projects, and the only things I managed to make sewing and knittingwise, are a knitted placenta, a few newborn hats, and a sweet little knitted baby sweater with a sailor collar from a 1916 pattern (which isn't finished yet). I havent't managed to get any work at all done on my Young Victoria Dress, but I hope to start working again on it in a few weeks. Oh and I justt got my American Duchess ''Tavistock'' boots today. They are absolutely lovely, I LOOOVE them!! Photos to be posted soon.

That's me with a few of The Farm midwives, recently from left to right: Me, Ina May Gaskin, Joanne Santana and Pamela Hunt. They are really amazing, and inspiring. I'm so glad I got to meet them all. For those who don't know, these three (along with a few others) have been midwives there for over 40 years, and   have some of the best birth outcomes in all the USA. Ina May (who was awardde the Right Livelyhood Award, and  who was recently introduced to the Women's Hall of Fame) wrote a few very very good books. If you're abot to have a baby, or just interested in childbirth, I highly recommend you read all her books. She is also very active in the cause of maternal mortality in the United States. You can check out her safe motherhood quilt project here

With the lovely Ibu Robin Lim! She started a clinic in Bali that provides free midwifery services to women in Bali (and now Aceh too), regardless of their income or social status. The whole organisation runs on donations. Check it out here: www.bumisehatbali.org . She has also written a few amazing books about   birth and the postnatal period, as well as a fiction novel and some poetry.  

I'll be back soon!