Bodice completed, and a new kitty

Hi there lovelies! Here's little update :) So, first of all, I finally finished my Young Victoria bodice! Can I get a WOOHOO!! Yeah, I'm pretty happy, that project is taking forever. 

Hete it is, with the bertha sewn on and everything. 

And on top of that I have a new kitten! Isn't she adorable? I was so sad after tragically losing my beloved Caline, I decided to get a new cat. This one is called Flora, and she will be seven weeks old tomorrow. She's a little ball of fire, and a lot of fun. I also decided to make her food myself, cause commercial pet food is total crap and I wanted to give her the best. So it's home prepared meals for her. If you're interested, here is the website where I got all the info and recipes from: So far it's a success, it only took two days for her to adopt her new food!

Here she is sleeping on my legs while I'm on the computer. She loves to nap on me or in my arms, and she always comes to snuggle and sleep next to me at night. What a cutie! The only big challenge is to teach her that everything is not a toy, and especially that my satin bodice is not something to plunge your claws into... Well, I'm sure she'll calm down someday, and until then I keep my things on high shelves. 

Have a nice day!


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