At the New-France 1750 market

Hi! So I finally got to attend an event! Last weekend was the New-France market in the Old-Montreal. It's only two days a week, and I keep missing it year after year. But this time I planned in advance and even wore a costume! The concept is that it is supposed to recreate what a public market in 1750 in montreal would have been like. There are a lot of various stands, local fine foods, activities, musicians, animation and info about the way of life back then. It is all orchestrated by the Pointe-À-Callière archaeology museum.

Anyway, here are a few snapshots:

I wore my 18th century pirate costume, with my American Duchess silk stockings and black Pompadours (my feet were killing me at the end of the day, after walking around all afternoon. next time I'll add some gel padding in the shoes and bring some emergency backups). I also bought a straw tricorn hat at the market to complete the outfit. The little girl in the picture is my stepsister. There was a dress-up stand for kids so she dressed up to have her picure taken with me. It was a lot of fun, and I hope I will be able to attend next year!

Have a nice day!