What's next?

Hello! So, here's a little update on what has been happening here lately, and what is my next big project (hint: it will be AWESOME). First of all, I haven't been able to do a whole lot since I finished my Victoria ballgown, as I have been working like crazy at my new job. I love what I'm doing, but it does take up most of my time, and when I'm home I try to sleep as much as possible to keep my energy up (for those who don't know, I work as a midwife assistant in a birthing center, which explains my crazy hours and the need to sleep during the day). Anyway, I managed to knit a little and made a little baby dress to try my hand at smocking.

As or my kitten, Flora, I had to give her up because she was too agressive... my family couldn't stand her anymore and as she was getting bigger she bit harder... she is now living happily in the stables where she was born. I had to get a new cat though, cause giving her up was hard on me. This time I chose carefully, and also chose an adult (or almost) cat. He is the cutest most adorable and cuddly cat ever and his name is Charming. Here he is:

 This is the little smocked baby dress I whipped up. The idea was an old-fashionned fairytale-ish baby dress. The idea was also to try out hand smocking. You never know when having that skill could be useful! Anyway, I had this (probably vintage) piece of embroidered fabric, from the stash of my uncle's mother who passed away a few years ago (and left lots and lots of goodies behind). I aldo decided to add a little purple ribbon rosette for a touch of color. I aldo didn't want it to look too much like a christening gown.

close-up on the honeycomb smocking

back. It snaps in the back with hidden press studs.

And the little knitted overalls I knitted lately. I wish they were in my size, they look super comfy, and the yarn is very soft. 

And now for the big reveal (drumroll) My next costume will be a venetian renaisance gown! My sister is studying in Italy (in Florence), and I will be visiting her in the spring, so that put me in the mood! Plus we will probablu be hopping into Venice for a day or two while I'm there. And my sister is a painter and she is planning to paint me in my venetian gown in a gondola in venice, as if I was a courtesan coming back or going to a ball or someting. (seriously can't wait for my ballad in a gondola in my gown) 

And now some inspiration. I want to make it red, ideally with a patterned fabric, kinda like these:

I blurred out her face cause I didn't ask her if I could share her picture. Picture taken from her ETSY shop at: http://www.etsy.com/listing/50518949/venetian-renaissance-gown-and-chemise-in

I've already ordered the linen for the chemise, and am still looking for the perfect red fabric for my dress!!

I'm also planning on re-making, or at least altering my Mary Poppins dress. I will be aking a different bodice, one that looks more like the high-collared version in the movie. I've also succesfully fixed up the had (it got damaged in the rain, for those who didn't know), and am still looking for some nice shoes to go with it. 

Have a nice day!