A Very Merry Christmas to You, Updates and Vintage finds

Hi! Hope everyone is doing fine and getting ready for the holiday season! I haven't been very active on the blogosphere lately. I'm working at the birth center, sometimes have doula clients of my own, am starting my own placenta encapsulation business and have other various activities and engagements. I have managed to do a little bit of knitting and sewing, since my last post, but nothing that exciting. I made a pair of socks (actually, one sock, the second is in progress), some made-to-order baby hats and presents. I still haven't worked past the linen chemise for my renaissance dress. By the way, that linen renaissance chemise is so comfortable I made a few more and wear them for sleepwear!

My renaissance chemise, made with lightweight linen. I decided to go for 3/4 sleeves. 

This is our christmas tree this year. It's actually a Christmas cactus. We didn't have the heart to cut a tree this year, so we just decorated our cactus. Looks nice, doesn't it?

I went to the antiques store recently and found a couple of fun things. 
This is an old undergarment, looks a little bit like a corset cover to me! it's just a tiny bit too big for me, I'll resize it and use it as a corset cover for a future Edwardian or late Victorian dress. 

These are antique hand crocheted lace gloves. Aren't they gorgeous? I'll use them with the Mary Poppins costume, and they will most definately be of use for many other outfits to come. 

I couldn't resist these adorable vintage baby clothes. Maybe I'll try to reproduce them someday. 

For next year, I have a couple of projects I would like to get done. they are:
- Touching up the Mary Poppins costume to make it with a high collar (closer to the original version)
- Making the renaissance dress
- Maybe one more costume? I'd love to make either an Edwardian dress or a 18th century one...

And very merry Christmas (or whatever you're celebrating)to you!