Costume-Con 32 AKA My first con EVER!

Hi! So, this weekend I took a little road trip to Toronto with my friend Gwenyver of confessions of a costumeholic for Costume-Con 32. I didn't really know what to expect as this was my first con ever. So I packed a couple of costumes, and off we went!

I was amazed at all the workmanship and creativity displayed in the various costumes we came across, and had a lot of fun in the masquerades, either watching or participating.

So here are a couple of pictures I took during the week-end. NOTE: If you see yourself in the pictures and didn't want me to publish a photo of you, feel free to send me am message and I will remove it. On the other hand, if you see yourself and have a costume blog or website of your own, feel free to post a link in the comments section!

I have also found some amazing photos of the con on the littlest sparrow blog here

One of my favorites was the ''miss OZ pageant'', basically allt eh wozard of OZ characters in 18th century-ish style. AMAZING!

The Tornado's headpiece actually turned on itself creating a tornado effect!

That's me after I won best in category (Novice) and ''Most Wicked'' at the Sci-fi and fantasy masquerade!

My Mary Poppins costume, after the touch-ups. I like it way more now. Better pictures to come!

My friend Gwenyver after the masquerade

This woman was dressed as Galinda for the masquerade! Her dress was AMAZING! you can find her Tumblr here

The tooth fairy, by Darkarnival Butler

Malesa (Male-Elsa), which I thought was brilliant! 

Anna of Arendale. By the way, she did all the embroidery on the dress by hand!! 

Three Idina Menzels! The woman on the left did all the beading herself her costume. It was gorgeous! If you chack out the link to that other blog at the beginning of my article, you can see a picture of her and her friend who was dressed as Anna. 

Gwenyver in her awesome Tardis Kimono. 

So I had a lot of fun and came back VERY tired! Excited to know that Costume-Con will be back in Toronto in 2017, and this all made me want to attend ore cons in the future. I know there are a couple of fun ones here in Montreal. 

Have a nice day!


  1. Hello there, it's Dorothy! :) It was very nice to meet you at CosCon. Congrats on your novice win, your Wicked gown is incredible...especially the tiny ruffles!

    1. Hi! It was very nice to meet you too! Aww I loved youd Dorothy costume so much! Thanks for visiting my blog, and hopefully we'll both be back in Toronto in 2017!

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  3. Hi !!!!very beautifull dress it's the most pretty dress that I saw ; Can tell me how you made corset of Mary Poppins , it's my project for the Carnival 2017 thank you very much;
    So very very nice


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