Hi! So, I'm back from Hawaii, I spent the last three weeks there, it was jolly good fun. I haven't been sewing that much lately, but hopefully I'll be able to come up with something soon, as I'm ra-doing my Mary Poppins dress for Costume-Con at the end of the month. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from my trip!

In these two pictures you can get a glompse of my 1940's sailor girl playsuit from Wearing History. I love it! So fun and comfy. And how do you like my sunglasses?

A Poke bowl on the beach. That about sums my trip!

Me in my Esther Williams swimsuit! I also own another one that's navy blue with little white flowers. 

That little dress is vintage actually, it's from the 50's! I shortened it a little bit though. 

Poke bowl in the jungle

I am learing to play the ukulele. Mine is a classic shape and a dark color. But I fel in love with the watermelon one. Maybe I'll come back for it some day!

Apparently a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed on that beach. I'm not sure which one though. 

Barefoot hike in the mud!

Silppery and tricky barefoot hike in the mud actually!

Last Poke bowl :)

Anyway, had a great time! Now back to practising my Ukulele, and sewing for costume-con!