Christmas presents...

Hi! Hope everyone had a good Holiday season. Too bad it's all over. Over here, in Canada, we're in the coldest part of the year (it's around -20˚C today, and tomorrow is supposed to be colder). So we stay inside and knit, sew, read, look at the fire and pray that the car will start next time I'm called to work. Well anyway, This Christmas I tried to make as many homemade presents as I could. I think handmade presents are so much more unique than store bought ones. So I got started in november and tried to make stuff for everyone. We don't exchange a whole lot of presents, so that was entirely doable. Here are a few pictures of what I made:

These three lovelies are waldorf-style soft dolls. I made them for the two new babies that were born in the family this year. The third one is mine, I thought they were so cute I decided to make one more! They also each got a little knitted hat too. 

This lovely is a silk regency reticule I made for a friend. The silk is from Vietnam, and I found the embroidery pattern online. She was really happy with it!

This one is a tea cosy I made for the house. I got the pattern from Jane Austen Knits, but altered it a little bit. 

And these are butterfly wings I made for my cousin's Three-year-old little girl. You put them on like a backpack and there are little elastics at the end of the wings that you put around your wrists. Wish I took a picture of her wearing them!

I also made some other things that I forgot to take pictured of. There were lace gloves and a regency tie for friends, Some hand puppets for my stepmother's children, a knittet winter hat for my father and a set of finger puppets fot my cousin's daughter. Everyone was really happy with their presents! 

Now I'm off to resume work on our Regency wardrobes. I'm almost finished with my orange ball gown. It's going to be stunning. I'm so excited to try it on once finished!!!

Oh, and I almost forgot: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


  1. The dolls are so cute, I love the tea cozy and the purse is amazing! I made a few hand made gifts myself, but yours really rock!


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