A Regency Spencer and a Fantasy Corset

Here's what I've been working on recently. The first thing is a golden yellow regency spencer I made for my Mum to wear at the next Jane Austen festival in Bath (Yes, we'r really going!!!). The second one is a cute green and gold corset inspired by Princess Fiona in Shrek the Musical.

Here are a few pics:

The spencer is made of golden yellow linen, and I doubled it with some flannel and some wool for warmth. It's got two brown frog closured in the front, and brown buttons at the wrists. I'm really quite pleased with it!

As for the corset (or more like a laced bodice, really) I was inspired by Princess Fiona's bodice from Shrek the musical. 
The amazing Sutton Foster as Princess Fiona

I received this gorgeous green and gold fabric for Christmas, and I just knew this was the perfect project for it! I decided to make a simpler version of the bodice that I could just wear wit a summer dress or something. I might do some embroidery on it like the original inspiration, or not, I still haven't decided yet. Here's what I came up with:

I'll eventually get some green or gold ribbon to lace it, it looks a bit weird with white ribbon, but you get the idea. The only boning in it are two plastic bones in the front opening. All in all, I rather like it!  

Have a nice day!