Murder mysteries, Fairies, Flappers and Platypuses

Hi! It's been a while, hasn't it? Doesn't mean I haven't been busy in the sewing room! I'm almost down with our Regency wardrobes (will post about that more eventually). I've also been doing more costumed events recently. In the last month or so, we did a 1895 murder mystery night, and last weekend I hosted a 1920's party.

Here are a few pics of my adventures!
This image is being very stubborn and keeps turning back sideways. So some friends organized a 1895 murder mystery night. I didn't really have anything appropriate, so I threw together my Mary Poppins dress and hat, the skirt I made while in switzerland, and added a wide belt. It looked more like the early 1900s, but it worked, right?

The next couple of pics are two little fairy gardens I made in my garden. I made the little furniture with wire, had some ceramic tiles laying around so I used them as well, and added some plants to the whole thing. I love them they're so cute!!

This first one is a little tea room (you can see the table set up close-up below) it's got little stairs, and a little garden space with a path to stroll around. 

I even added tiny seashells for the cups!

This one is a two place swing with a  bird bath. I want to add a cushion of some sort on the swing to make it more colourful. And it really swings!!

Apart from that, here is what I looked like in my Flapper costume! I didn't make that dress though, I found it on sale online and figured I'd rather buy it than do all that beading myself! It looks fabulous don,t you think? The headband id from my 1912 evening ensemble and the shoes are the 23Skidoo T-straps by American Duchess

It's so much fun to swing around with those fringes!! At the end of the night I took my Ukulele out and we jammed a little. Such fun! I didn't include pics of my friends as I did't ask for their permission. 

Oh and about the platypuses, There are two babies turning one in the family this year, so I decided to make them platypus stuffed toys. I found the pattern online and thought it was super cute! And I liked them so much I even made one for myself :) Here is one of pictured with the birthday girl. 

That's about it!! Will be posting about my Regency wardrobes soon!