Regency wardrobe and getting ready for a wedding!

Hi! I'm pretty much done with my Regency sewing for the Jane Austen festival! A few months back I wasn't sure if I would be able to finish in time, but here I am a whole 5 weeks ahead. All I've got left to do is fix the closures on my mum's open robe and finish a lace shawl I've been knitting. Apart from that I also made a white lace and linen dress for my aunt's wedding (she requested all the guests to be dressed in white) An I also fixed her birdcage veil. Oh and I also made a Elsa inspired dress for my little cousin who is turnng 4 in september. I'm sure she'll love it!

Here are the pictures!

The Elsa dress. I know it doesn't really look like the real thing, but I saw a similar idea online and I liked it. It's made of stretchy jersey fabric so hopefully it will fit for a while. I made a simple square skirt and the cape is attached to the back, and the ribbon tied on the shoulders are adjustable. I added just a few little white beads to the gather in the front, and decorated the skirt and cape with white rick-rack. 

Mum's open-robe! Made with a vintage embroidered silk sari. 

And this is my dress for the wedding. I'll be wearing it with t-strap 23Skidoo American duchess shoes. It's made with handkerchief linen and topped with beautiful white lace I got on Etsy. 

This is the pattern I used for the white dress. I made the skirt a little less full because of the amount of fabric I had, and turns out the waist fell a little lower than I expected, but I still like it a lot, even if it's got more of a late teens than a 50's look

My last day dress! it's a crossover dress and it ties in the back with white ribbon. I also made a red taffeta evening version (not pictured)

And Mum's bonnet! It is actually the first regency bonnet I made! Last year I only made turbans with shawls and the bonnet I had was a gift. This bonnet was made to match the yellow spencer I made a few weeks back:

Have a nice day!


  1. Très réussi le bonnet! Et par curiosité, quel patron as-tu utilisé pour la robe rose bonbon? Je le trouve intéressant.

    1. merci! C'est un patron de robe croisée que j'ai modifié à partir du livre ''patterns of fashion'' de Janet Arnold


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